14/4/2024 English sporting (2) , Side by side Club Championship

Today we held the second round of the English sporting summer league sponsored by Proscreed. Thank you Jason.
A Class
1st M Kneen 46/50
2nd N Moffatt 43/50
3rd K Oates 42/50

B Class
Joint 1st W Corlett & A Hayes on 37/50
2nd R Howland 36/50

C Class
1st J Bulliment 37/50
2nd J Clague. 34/50
3rd G Hooson-Owen 33/50

In the afternoon, we held the annual Side by Side Club Championship sponsored by Stan Skinner and Steven Craine. Big thanks to them.
Overall – 1st N Moffatt 44/50 and trophy.

Joint 2nd
A Brew & M Kneen

Joint 3rd
A Morrison-wade and K Oates 41/50.

Junior High gun
George Martin 28/50.

1st A class
D Collister 40/50
1st B Class
D Clague 33/50
1st C Class
J Bulliment 34/50