Disciplines we do not currently shoot

Double Rise (DR)

The procedures and layouts for Double Rise are the same as those for DTL. Targets are thrown simultaneously on separate trajectories. Unlike DTL where the trap is set to a random pattern, the traps for Double Rise are fixed to throw one target to the left and the other to the right. Each shooter fires one shot at each target. Because there are five stands and two targets per stand, rounds are shot in multiples of five doubles.

Helice HEL

A different form of flying target competition, which cannot be called clay shooting as the targets are made of plastic! Plastic propellers holding a detachable centre piece are rotated at high speed and released randomly from one of five traps. They fly out with in an unpredictable way “buzzing” through the air to give the discipline its colloquial name of ZZ. It is designed specifically to simulate as closely as possible the old sport of live pigeon shooting which was made illegal in this country more than 70 years ago. It is great fun to shoot, but can also be a very competitive sport with World and European Championships being held on the continent every year.

Handicap By Distance HD

In DTL and Single Barrel events, a handicapping system may be used for different classes of shooter. C class shooters stand at 17 yds (15.5m), B class at 19 yds (17.4m), A class at 21 yds (19.2m), AA class at 23 yds (21m). For safety reasons only shooters of the same class are squadded together.

Compak CP

Because they look very similar, Compak Sporting and Sportrap are easily confused. However, Compak Sporting has one less stand and a different order of shooting. There are three compulsory target trajectories, right to left, left to right and straight on, with two additional trajectories at the designers discretion. Five traps will be used to provide a variety of targets and a sign in front of each enclosure will inform the shooter of the combination of shots.