7/7/2024 English Sporting (4) + Manx Petroleum Trophy

Today we held the fourth round of the English sporting summer league sponsored by Proscreed as well as the Manx Petroleum Trophy.
Winners of the first 50.
A class
1st Jack Kneen 32/50
2nd Alan Kinrade 30/50
Joint 3rd Marty Kneen, Jake Keeling and Nigel Moffatt on 28/50

B class
1st Tony Tongue 30/50
2nd Arthur Hayes 29/50
3rd Jackie Clague 25/50

C class
1st Glynn Hoosen-Owen 29/50
2nd Brian Mylrea 20/50
3rd Peter Lowe 19/50

Quick lunch brake and out for the next 50 for the Manx petroleum’s trophy 🏆 still on form from his win in the morning Jack kneen took the win. Total score for the 100.
1st Jack Kneen. 75/100
2nd Jake Keeling. 67/100
3rd. Tony Tongue. 64/100

Highest in class
A class
Alan Kinrade 63/100

B class
Arthur Hayes. 57/100

C class
Glynn hooson Owen 54/100