22/12/19 Christmas Shoot

Christmas Shoot

This weekend the club held the annual bring a prize win a prize competition. This was held over a 50 bird sporting layout. With twenty-one shooters taking part on a cold windy day and at times heavy showers passed through.

Conditions did not put Marty Kneen off who posted a score of 44 taking the high gun with Paul Mihailovits snapping at his heels with 43 and a three-way tie for third with Alan Kinrade, Neil Parsons and Nigel Moffatt 40. The shooters got allocated a partner at random with no handicaps allowed, the A-Class shooters went into one hat with the remaining B and C class into another hat. 

Some good scores came back in, in third place Paul Mihailovits and Corina Moffatt 72, Kevin Oates and Glyn Hooson-Owen 74 but winning by five clays was Marty Kneen and Rob Watterson with 79.