What’s up next?

Wednesdays from now until September will be alternate weeks Sporting & DTL / Skeet (Note that the 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesdays will be Sporting and the 2nd & 4th will be DTL & Skeet) Sporting Range will be open from 16:00 for setting up

Thursdays is now primarily for the Olympic Disciplines – other shooting may continue providing that they do not interfer with either of the Olympic Skeet or Olympic Trap – – Range will be open from 16:00

Saturday’s – 1pm till 5pm The range will be available for open practice. NOTE:- that on the day before a Sporting Competition it may not be possible to open the range for sporting practice please check against the “Fixtures” & Facebook.

A reminder that this coming Wednesday(19th June) will be Sporting Practice, the Range will be open from 17:00

Saturday, June 22nd will be the Side by Side Manx Championship, sponsored by Farmers Combine, which will be a 50 Bird shoot in the afternoon, registration will close around 12:45

Sunday, June 23rd will be an Olympic Trap Selection Shoot (100 Bird, 50 am & 50 pm) “The Adam Slater Memorial Trophy”, sponsored by J W Kneen & Son, the latest registration will be 10:15

Saturday, June 29th will be the Double Trap Manx Championship, sponsored by Sadler’s, the latest registration will be 12:45

Sunday, June 30th will be an English Sporting Selection Shoot, with the first 50 for the  League(4) sponsored by Harding Lewis, the latest registration will be 10:15