Country pursuits

To all of our membership

Jake Keeling has kindly offered the Ayre Clay Target Club membership, English Sporting sessions up at Skyhill on Saturdays which we have no fixtures or expect to have limited numbers attending.

There is interest from quite a few of your members in coming up to Skyhill to shoot some English Sporting, with this in mind I thought I’d suggest some suitable dates that seem to fit in with your fixtures.

Saturday 5th June (OSK on at Ayres) 

Sunday 13th June (OT on at Ayres)

Saturday 3rd July (Nothing on)

I can do 50 or 100 sporting, whatever people fancy and for these specific ACTC members events I will reduce the price per round of 25 to £7.50.  I suggest a 10am start time but can be flexible.

Please ask if anybody wishes to make a squad or two squads for the day (12 shooters max) on any of those dates I will keep them clear.

If you are interested, please make any booking directly with Jake thank you. 

07624 471884