Booking Form for Practice

Please select a discipline and slot per day, we are now allowed to have more that one shooter on a range to a maximum of 10 people. Should you wish to shoot more than one discipline the priority will be given to those requesting only one Discipline/Slot, in order for everybody to have the opportunity to practice.
If there are empty slots available on the day you are shooting PLEASE see the Range Officer for permission to shoot – DO NOT JUST TAKE THE EMPTY SLOT

No Bookings will be processed after 19:30 (7:30 pm) for the following days shoot in order to ensure the Range Officers have the information they need in time, thank you for your cooperation.

Bookings will be taken on a First come basis, you will be contacted about your requested slot. If your First Choice is not available, alternates will hopefully be available for you. The website will show all of the confirmed bookings (i.e. Wednesday through Sunday) each week. New forms will be available each week from Sundays.